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CANSail Checklists

Good news for Learn to Sail programs!  The Sail Canada CANSail checklists have been adapted to accommodate the needs of sailors with disabilities.  They will be integrated into the Sail Canada Checklick program that sailing schools use to register their students and follow their progress online.


Danny McCoy, Chair

Disabled-sailing veteran Danny McCoy attended his first Mobility Cup in 1997 before competing for the Canadian Sailing Team at the 2000 Paralympics and numerous world championships. He is a former president of the international 2.4 mR association and founded the Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario in 1998. He has been the chairman of the executive committee of ASN since 2011. 

Danny McCoy

Paula Stone, Vice-Chair

Paula Stone has 35 years' experience as an occupational therapist working with children and adults. She began volunteering at the AQVA (Association québécoise de voile adaptée) in 1998 and has been its director of program operations since 2001. She joined the ASN board in 2008 and has served as vice-chair since 2011. She is currently the chair of the ASN Mobility Cup Committee.

Paula Stone

Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter has been sailing since the beginning of the 1970's.  He became involved with the Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia in 2003.  He is currently the program director for the sailing and hiking (Trail Rider) programs and the boat donation program of the Disability Foundation of British Columbia.  He has organized two Mobility Cups in Vancouver, in 2006 and 2010, and has been a member of the ASN board since 2012.


Jenny Davey

Jenny Davey has many years of diverse and extensive experience in accessible sailing programs in different regions. She began working in the accessible sailing community as the program manager of the AQVA Montreal in 2003. During her seven seasons at AQVA, she oversaw the program through many years of rapid expansion as it grew to be one of the larger programs in the country. She went on to manage programs in Victoria, BC and in Ottawa, ON. Jenny has also played a large role in the development of coach and instructor resources for accessible sailing programs across the country. She recently completed a Masters of Sport Psychology with a research focus on parasport coaches at the University of Ottawa. Jenny now works at the Canadian Paralympic Committee and this is her second term on the ASN Board.



Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert was introduced to the sport of sailing through the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program and has enjoyed the sport ever since. Mark has volunteered with the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta since 2010, and joined the Board of Directors in 2015, currently serving as Commodore. Mark is also currently a Director at Large for the Alberta Sailing Association. When not on the water Mark enjoys power lifting, with the goal of one day being able to change the keel line on a Martin 16 with out a hoist or crane!



Karell Regnier

Karell started sailing in 2010 at Nepean Sailing Club.  She is a director on the National Capital Able Sail Association's board since 2011.  She has been chair of the National Capital Cup (Ottawa's Martin 16 regatta) since 2012 and joined the ASN board in 2015.


Robb Lawrence 

Robb Lawrence joined DSA-Alberta in 1999, both as an active member and as part of the board of directors.  Since then he has become a strong advocate of disabled sailing and competitive racing.  Robb has attended several Mobility Cups as a racer and a coach. He helped to organize the 2005 event in Calgary. Currently he is the president of DSA-Alberta and the race coach for new sailors interested in participating in the Mobility Cup.   Robb joined the ASN board in 2012.

Robb Lawrence

René Dallaire

René Dallaire was introduced to sailing in 1994 when he attended the Mobility Cup regatta in Vancouver.  This helped René find an outlet for his competitive spirit and inspired him to found AQVA in 1996. He is currently the association’s executive director and treasurer. He continues to enjoy racing as he has attended most of the Mobility Cup regattas since 1994. René has been on the ASN board since it was founded in 2006.

Rene Dallaire

Get Involved

Freedom, independence, empowerment and fun are all terms we commonly hear from our members. Sailing is a sport for some and recreation for others but all agree that there's nothing like the feeling of being out on the water with our wheelchairs or walking aids back at the dock and knowing that we are safe and in control. My thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers that make all of this possible.

Rick Watters, Sailor

Of all the volunteer jobs I have (and I have several), the one at QQDSP in Toronto is one of the more gratifying. It is great to go out with people for whom this time on the water is the highlight of their week. You really feel you are contributing something to their well being. And yes I love sailing. It is one of these win-win situations life doesn't offer enough of.

Marcel Deurvorst, Volunteer

I had no idea that sailing was still a possibility for me after my accident and 10 years later there is no turning back. I have made new friends and will keep on sailing for a long time. I think we should copyright the phrase "I leave my wheelchair at the dock and feel the freedom of being on the water" or anything similar, it has become a motto for all of us in the disabled sailing community.

Han Tacoma, Sailor

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