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The Notice of Race for Mobility Cup 2017 in Kelowna is now available at

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CANSail Checklists

Good news for Learn to Sail programs!  The Sail Canada CANSail checklists have been adapted to accommodate the needs of sailors with disabilities.  They will be integrated into the Sail Canada Checklick program that sailing schools use to register their students and follow their progress online.

How to join the ASN Members' Section

Step 1: Get your CANSail number

ASN is collaborating with Sail Canada in encouraging our sailors and volunteers to obtain a CANSail profile. This will help both ASN and Sail Canada to build a database with which to document the number of individuals involved in adaptive sailing programs as sailors and as volunteers. Having this information is essential for establishing credibility for our sport as well as for fundraising purposes.  Please note that when creating your CANSail profile on the Sail Canada website you might not find your DSA/Able Sail program in the dropdown menu for "Member Club Affiliation".  If this is the case,  enter the name in the "Other Club or Organization" field

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Step 2:

Complete the ASN registration form.

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